Solar Power Generation System
Features :
  • Silent, Non Polluting, No Coal, Gas, Oil is required..
  • Low negligible maintenance cost.
  • Power available during peak demand.
  • Stand alone power generation, using grid interactive inverters with & without batteries.
  • Easy installation.
  • Savings in Electricity bills.
  • 30% subsidy on project cost by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
  • Free electricity for 35+ years
  • Automatic operation
  • Tax benefits /depreciation benefits
Solar PV Power Plant Equipment and Components
1. Photovoltaic (PV) Modules : PV Modules of crystalline Silicon
2. Array Structure: Adjustable array structure of PV modules tilting from 15 to 60 degrees
3. Control and AC Power Center: Steel housing for enclosing power distribution and managementcomponents
4. Inverter: Micro processor based Sine wave Inverter
5. AC Distribution Panel : Provides protection and flexibility for multiple AC Load requirements
6. DC Combiner Box : Provides PV circuit disconnects and lightening protection for electric equipment
7. DC Controller : Solid State, Low Frequency, Pulse width modular Charge Controller with battery temperature compensation and automatic nighttimedisconnect.
8. System Battery Bank : Maintenance-free, sealed lead acid batteries. The Charge Controller maintains the batteries between 20% and 100% state of charge
9. Battery Enclosure : White powder coated aluminum; chest-style unit with lockable lid is standard for Battery storage
10. Structure : Heavy Gauge steel powder coated structure to support the panels and the other electrical equipments.
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