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On-Grid Solar Systems

Now you can become electricity producer and supplier, let your extra electricity produced to be supplied to the electric grid. It is new way to save money and increase the value our home without dependence of electric grid, you are not losing the security of the grid. You are also helping the climate by reducing the carbon foot print.

It is best for the home owners, but the effectiveness of this system cannot be denied by the commercial and industrial establishment. In India where we have lot of sunny days, this system is perfect

A grid-connected photovoltaic power system, or grid-connected PV power system

A grid connected or on grid system is a system where the electricity generating PV power system is connected to utility grid. An on grid system has solar panels, one or several inverters, a power conditioning unit and grid connection equipment. They range from small residential and commercial rooftop systems to large utility-scale solar power stations.

There are many advantage of the On grid System. Connecting your solar system to the local grid allow you not to escape the protective grid system and also enabling you to produce electricity and on a sunny day when more electricity is produced by your solar PV system then you use or consume, this excess solar power is delivered back to the utility grid with the effect of rotating your electric meter backwards.

When this happens you will get a credits by the local power company for the amounts of electricity produced by your grid connected solar system. You not only produce but also send some excess electricity to the grid. First the energy created by the solar power is used, if that is insufficient then the electricity from the grid is used. Ultimately reducing the electricity bill.There are no batteries involved and all the excess power after utilization is fed back to the grid. No batteries make this system relatively cheaper and easier to install than the off grid system.

Grid system is useful in mayny residential and commercial places, it may range from small residential and commercial rooftop systems to large utility-scale solar power stations. A grid-connected power system will automatically reduce your power bill as you are selling surplus electricity produced to the local grid. Since the batteries are not involved there are no storage losses involved and it serves effective utilization of the generated power