LED Solar Lanterns
ARC’s Solar Lantern is a revolutionary new product that harnesses the power of the Sun. The latest introduction into the market, it has a robust design to make it aesthetically pleasing and is easy to use. It provides 5 hours of continuous light from a single charge and works as an emergency light during power cuts. It is an ideal accessory for outdoor use and can be used in your day-to-day life.

LED Solar Lanterns from ARC Renewables are a healthier option for indoor illumination - no kerosene, no smoke and no fumes. A sturdy handle makes it easy to carry anywhere.LED Solar Lanterns adopt the latest LED technology, which is revolutionizing lighting application. Despite energy consumption being almost 50% lesser than CFL, the light output is very bright and white. In addition, the LEDs have a very long life, thereby making these lanterns highly reliable and ideal for domestic application.


Salient Features

  • High Power LED

  • Diming Options- For Longer working

  • Sealed Maintenance Free Battery

  • Autonomy of two days


Applications & Uses
  • Emergency and/or house lighting, table lamp, camping, patrolling (streets, farms), Hawker / Vendor Stalls, non-electrified remote places: Adult education, mass communication. Easy and convenient alternative to kerosene / petromax / gas.

  • Easy to Install.

  • No Electric Connection Required, No Electric Bill.

Safety Features
  • System is Completely Shock Proof Due to Low Voltage Circuitry

  • Short Circuit Protection

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