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Arc’s Solar Home Lighting Systems are ideal sources for providing indoor power and lighting solutions in remote areas and un-electrified villages The Home Lighting Systems includes electronic system safeguards and provides years of reliable service and convenience.

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ARC develops and markets solar products with aim of power saving. Solar Inverter is one such electronic device, which generates AC current from sunlight. Solar cells convert solar light to DC current and solar inverter converts this DC current and solar inverter converts

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01.Automatic Dusk to Dawn Operation. Rugged design to operate under worst conditions(IP 65)
02.No strains & Pains of Manual Operation.
03.5 meter light spread.
04.Free from Messy Cable.

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Silent, Non Polluting, No Coal, Gas, Oil is required.Low negligible maintenance cost.Power available during peak demand. Stand alone power generation, using grid interactive inverters with & without batteries. Easy installation. Savings in Electricity bills.

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